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Augie David International Ministries Itinerary

New book by Dr. Augustine (Augie) David

Dr. Augustine (Augie) David shares his “Story Behind the Book” Testimony of God’s Power, Truth and Love as it Reached down to the depths of his despair and brought Hope and Restoration. This Book ” How to Release God’s Ability within you” will establish Life-Changing Truths on our Authority, Identity and Inheritance in Christ that will cause you to Rise Above Every Circumstance as More than a Conqueror in Christ.
Forewords by Dave Roberson and Brother D.G.S.Dhinakaran
In this Book you will Find Answers to these questions:
How can God’s Truth Paralyse  Satan’s lies?
Can witches and satanic people send demons and curses to destroy Christians?
How can God turn my life from curses to blessings?
Can I walk free from depression, sickness and disease?
How can I take back the Authority that belongs to me in Christ?
How can I Release God’s Ability within me?
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Reaching The World, Raising The Leaders

Augie David and Friends

Watch New Episodes on Yahweh Tv

Yahweh TV is the first 24-hour television channel to broadcast Christian programs in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, English and other South Asian languages. Be sure to catch their show Augie David and Friends. It is sure to inspire you as Augie interviews leaders in the faith, and shares his own powerful testimonies.



I was in awe and amazement of the revelation of our identity in Christ and the power we hold over the enemy. As I repeated the prayer in his book, I immediately felt the presence of God all over me. This book is powerful, not because Augie wrote it, but because there is God’s truth behind the words of this book that will completely change our lives if we take a hold of it.
Yadira Farmer, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
I started to read the book. While I was reading the book something supernatural happened in me. At that moment I was believing for my healing. The day the doctor had scheduled for my surgery, I went to the hospital. I asked the doctor to do one more test and analysis…. He did more tests and analysis again and did not find any ulcers or tumors, because the Lord healed me. And now I am healed.
Anita Rodriguez Gomez, Iquitos, Peru

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